Want to navigate divorce without ending up broke and broken?

You’ve probably watched couples go through divorce the typical way – they put their fists up, hire a shark lawyer, and start the series of battles and wars. But this path almost always drags families through financial and emotional distress that could have been avoided.

At Irooze, we offer divorce coaching services, a free self-assessment, and introduce you to a variety of divorce trained professionals in our Divorce Directory. We serve parents across the U.S. and Canada to navigate their divorce process.

When people go through a divorce, they typically have a very limited mindset. Our self-assessment is designed to help the individuals think bigger – by looking outside of the box. With their results, they can access a free session with a divorce specialist to craft a tailor-made strategy.

We’re very proud of the carefully vetted professionals in our Divorce Directory. These are people we trust, rely on, and would use ourselves.

What Irooze is all about

We aren’t pro-divorce or pro-marriage. Our goal is to help parents divorce the right way. We do this throughout the entire divorce life cycle: early intervention, crisis management, and prevention. Divorce doesn’t have to be a fight. You don’t have to become embroiled in litigation. You don’t have to empty out your bank account or your children’s college fund.

You just have to know how to divorce. Which has been proven to be the greatest challenge.

The status quo is that at the first hint of divorce, many parents immediately hire their “golden team.” This includes a family attorney of the shark, badass, gloves-off variety, and a therapist. They think this pair will solve all their problems.

Here are four problems we often see with this reaction:

  1. Litigation attorneys are court-driven, and this opens you up to legal expenses as you battle with your ex’s ego, power, and money rather than focus on the actual issues. Once you get into the court system, you cannot easily come out of it until you and your ex choose to do so.
  2. People have the tendency to rely on their attorney to also give them advice on real estate, mortgages, or financial issues and considerations. This is wrong.

Mistakes are often discovered when the divorce is finalized and the two of you are back in the real world building your new lives. To make corrections, you will need to start Divorce 2.0 and reopen Pandora’s box

3. Some people don’t need a therapist – they actually need a divorce coach. But most people don’t know the difference between the two

At Irooze, our mission is to help you avoid this broken and outdated system. We will introduce you to other reasonable options so you can protect yourself from ending up broke and broken — financially or emotionally. 

We only focus on non-litigious legal professionals: mediators and amicable trained attorneys. 

At Irooze, we have a grand mission to revolutionize divorce. To elevate relationships for a better world. We do this by helping individuals rebuild and restructure every area of their lives – what we call the seven pillars:

  1. Emotional
  2. Financial
  3. Spiritual
  4. Parenting
  5. Mindset
  6. Career
  7. Physical

If you’re contemplating divorce or separated, we offer tools that will help you make your decisions and move forward. We will coach you to look at all seven pillars of your life to make sure that everything fits.

We help parents become mature, sane, and reasonable – three words you may not expect to hear in the context of divorce. Our aim is to help you co-parent. But when that is not possible, we aim to help parents coexist. This way, whatever happens, the whole family is able to go on with their lives.

Irooze is dedicated to helping parents through even the most difficult divorces, including high-conflict divorces and divorces involving high net-worth individuals. We prioritize privacy and anonymity.

The purpose of Irooze is not to tell parents whether or not divorce is the right decision. Rather, to equip individuals with the tools to find answers within themselves.

Whether you decide to stay married or get divorced, Irooze will help you find your answers and your path toward your new beginning.

About Ravit Rose

I’m a Divorce Coach, Mentor, and Founder of Irooze.

I work with parents who are newly separated or considering divorce to provide a strategic path forward. Since my divorce more than 14 years ago, I have identified ways that parents can improve the way they approach and navigate the divorce process.

When I got divorced, I thought it was going to be easy. However, it wound up being extremely litigious, and I spent over $100,000 on legal fees to finally understand that the status quo approach to divorce is nothing but a game. A game that I didn’t understand, and neither does anybody else.

I decided to write a book, Unwanted Nasty Divorces, and study this $40-billion market to understand why divorce is not being served properly.

By studying human behaviour, I evolved into something of a “Divorce Scientist.” I have an obsession with finding the answers to solve this nasty divorce epidemic. 

This is what we do at Irooze, with our game-changing services that reduce emotional pain and lower legal costs.

My focus is not only to help parents stay away from unnecessary litigation and use more amicable processes, but also, and more importantly, to truly protect our children and leave them a solid divorce legacy.

If you’re ready to begin, start the assessment.