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Design a less expensive & less painful divorce that leaves a divorce legacy you and your children will be proud of.

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Thinking Of Divorce | Marriage Separation


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Focuses on the past. Why & how did it happen?

Divorce Coaching

Takes you from where you are today to where you want to be. Future focused. Crafting strategies. Solution-oriented.

Free Divorce Consultation | Divorce Legal Advice
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Design your next steps:

  • Get clear on the big picture with our 10-minute assessment. Free
  • Discuss your challenges and design an action plan with a Strategy Coach. Free

Divorce leaves too many families broke and broken

It’s common to feel lost, overwhelmed, angry and scared while walking through this unfamiliar divorce territory. But you don’t have to walk through it alone.

Our process lets you design your mature, sane and reasonable divorce so that you can find relief, hope, inspiration and calm.

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Divorce can be less expensive, if you know how

Divorce Financial Advice

The success of your divorce and your new life starts and ends with YOU. It’s not about what he said or she did Instead, it’s about your mindset, actions & strategies Get out of the drama and looping sagas and think bigger & smarter.

Divorce Financial Advice
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Ravit Rose

The Irooze Method

1 Design an action plan

Our vetted and experienced divorce coaches will immediately start to work with you to build an action plan. This is a critical step because most people do not have a good sense of what to execute and how to execute. As you progress, the plan evolves with you.

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2 Clear your challenges with tailor-made solutions

Our proprietary self assessments, tested on thousands of parents, clarifies your problems and provides you with proper direction to solve the root causes of what keeps you stuck. Bypass the typical and destructive divorce mindset with our tools, coping strategies and realistic solutions.
Divorce Preparation Checklist | Divorce Checklist

3 Stay accountable through progress check-ins

There are so many factors that make real progress hard or unachievable during the divorce process. We will help you move forward by avoiding the typical mistakes that drain you emotionally and financially.
Divorce Financial Advice | Divorce Advice For Women & men

4 Rebuild your new life!

With your upgraded confidence and mindset, you will make choices that are consistent with your true integrity and what’s best for you and your children.
Post Divorce Checklist | Parenting Coach

Resources to help you find freedom & liberation

Get personal support and guidance through coaching sessions with our vetted and trained divorce coaches.

This Wheel of Life (WOL) personal self assessment to provide you with a picture of how satisfied you are within each of the 7 pillars: Emotional, Financial, Spiritual, Physical, Parenting, Career and Mindset. This is a non-judgmental exercise allowing you to be real and authentic with yourself. Many parents believe that divorce is only about the kids, money and the law. This is incorrect. Our objective is to help you think outside of the box and pay attention to aspects of your life that you may have forgotten to think about or have not paid attention to. The inspiration you gain from this assessment will help you move forward and have you thinking from a bird’s eye view to see the larger picture. This exercise will provide you with direction to make better choices and decisions in order to avoid regrets. Your greatest advantage is that this tool will help you become a much better version of YOU. We have carefully crafted the assessments with a process that guides you every step of the way. Our purpose is to ensure that you progress and you can see that you are getting yourself out of yesterday’s stories and sagas and developing greater confidence in your life and in yourself. Every 30 days you will have the opportunity to review your progress and your gains- you will see areas that you have improved in and areas that you need to spend more time on. You can then plan your next 30 days. Take baby steps or go all in- it’s your choice. Either way, we are here to guide you. We are putting you in the driver’s seat. We are helping you take control of your life, be in charge and become increasingly independent.

Our strategy coach provides you with support and direction while the technology suggests courses and actions that will help you tackle your unique challenges.

Take bite-sized courses to more quickly learn how to solve your challenges. Connect with your Coach and other parents in a group setting.

Irooze is not connected to your social media. Feel safe and comfortable that no one will recognize you. Simply use an alias name.

Unlike your therapist or lawyer, your Irooze community provides support whenever you need it.

Divorce and separation can be isolating. Surround yourself with like-minded parents in a safe environment, where no one will recognize you. Unlike friends & family, we always remain neutral. Vetted professionals moderate Irooze to ensure all information is accurate and solution-oriented.

Access our continuously growing directory to find vetted professionals in your region (USA & Canada) that can help you in many aspects of your divorce. For example, house & home, finances and non litigious legal professionals that are amicable resolution oriented.


Irooze supports you through everything divorce

Lawyer Mediation Therapy
Covers legal issues
Splitting financial assets
Analyzing and rebuilding finances: income, assets, house & home, independence
Provided by vetted, licensed divorce professionals
Focuses on your present moment & with a future-focused goal
Focuses on your past, behaviours & traumas
Available from beginning to end of your divorce process
Methodically analyzing whether to stay married or divorce
Strategic guidance on career and job choices
Supports your parenting questions & difficulties
Spiritual considerations: religious or connecting mind, body & soul
Offers self learning, 1:1 sessions and/or group cohorts
Access multiple coaches: no screening process, easy scheduling
Available 24/7, no waiting periods

Your next step if you’re looking for clarity & confidence

Irooze offers different packages depending on your unique situation. After the assessment, your first strategy session will be customized to meet your challenges and goals.

If you’re a good fit for Irooze, we will recommend available options you could invest in.

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Leave behind these common divorce myths

A lawyer and therapist may be important parts of your divorce team, but they cannot possibly give you everything you need throughout the entire divorce process..

A lawyer is expensive, focused only on a narrow part of the problem, and (it has to be said) that some are motivated to keep you in court.

A therapist is focused on your past, emotional trauma and behaviours. They are not trained to help you through the divorce process.

  • A Divorce Coach is focused on helps you with decision making, planning your next steps, arm you with coping mechanisms and develop realistic strategies. Instead of giving your power over to a third party like a lawyer, or focusing on the past in therapy, Irooze gives you the power to make fully-informed decisions for your own future.

Separation and divorce affect every aspect of your life. There’s much more to it than parents first assume- you must now carefully craft and rebuild your new life.

  • Irooze guides parents through the 7 pillars of divorce: finance, emotional, parenting, career, spiritual, physical and mindset. Without holistic guidance, many parents end up confused and overwhelmed just when they think they have custody, money, and legal agreements figured out.

Depending on where you are in the process, you may just want to get everything over with and pretend it never happened.
 However, divorce is a five-step process that on average takes women three years and men five years to complete until ilfe stabilizes.

  • The faster you go, the more decisions you will regret. This is a process. It simply takes time and proper guidance.

Almost everyone believes this, but it doesn’t have to be true. There are many options to keep the costs low. People simply aren’t aware of them.

  • One of the main purposes of Irooze is to help you find the resources available to you so you can complete your divorce with financial stability.

We all need our friends and family for support, especially during difficult times like separation or divorce. However, while your friends can be there to cheer you up and help you move, they are not good resources for divorce information – even if they recently divorced.

Friends and family aren’t impartial. What they tell you will be biased by their affection for you, their feelings towards your spouse and what they would do if they were emotional and making this decision. They also don’t have complete or accurate information on divorce.

  • Irooze connects you with divorce professionals and an impartial community that can give you complete information and objective advice.

Divorce is as hard as you make it. When you walk blindly into this unknown territory, you will face many trials & errors that will cost you greatly.

  • Every coach and professional in Irooze is experienced and qualified to provide you with guidance, support and direction to ensure that you spend least amount of time, avoid the unnecessary stress and reduce your legal costs.

Many parents believe that all divorces ruin children and their childhood. This is not true.

  • Irooze helps you carefully crafted your divorce to focus on everyone’s well being in a mature, sane and reasonable manner. This will allow you to leave behind a divorce legacy that will make your children proud and pleased.

Many believe that divorce equals war. Anyone who thinks this way is either coming from a place of fear, worry or heard too many horror stories. 

  • Irooze is changing the narrative of divorce. This old way of thinking is the exact reason families ends up broke and broken.