Planning for separation or divorce can be simple and fun or, difficult and draining.

Let’s think outside of the box for a second here. And let’s look at divorce from a different perspective.


Because I want to help you make the decision “Should I stay married or should I get divorced” from a logical standpoint. I want you to remove the emotions from the equation at the moment and just think logically so that you can make a PROPER decision of what you should do from this point forward.

Steps to take when preparing for divorce:

All right, so let’s look at your divorce like a puzzle and in order to see the picture of the puzzle when it’s formed, you need to actually look at every individual piece of the puzzle and put them all together. So, every piece of the puzzle represents a different part of your life. And every piece of the puzzle is different for each person. So just to give you an idea, one piece of the puzzle could represent your family life, one could represent your finances, one could be your health, one could be a role as a single parent, one could be your happiness, every single piece is different for each person. So, once you’ve identified what each piece of the puzzle is, now your job is to try to put all of these pieces together. And that’s the hard part. The hard part is understanding how every single piece is supposed to fit together when your whole life is about to change. When you have to make giant decisions as to “should I stay married or should I get divorced … And if I decide either one of those, what’s my next step… Where do I go on from here and what do I do?”

How to secretely prepare for a divorce?

Your puzzle has deformed and that’s why you’re at the point that you’re at now.  The pieces of your puzzle are no longer fitting well together. It just sort of exploded. And so now, because you can’t see the picture in its entirety and you can’t see what your future looks like, you need to actually analyze each part in a very succinct, meticulous way, and then find a way to put it all together. Once it fits together and you see the picture, then you’ll understand what your post-divorce life looks like. Then you’ll understand what your post-marriage life would look like from this point forward. Why? Because you will have carefully and methodically thought through all the most important areas of your life.

And when I talk about looking at this puzzle, I usually talk about 4 areas of your life: You’ve got the emotional, spiritual, financial, and physical well-being and those are all areas that you need to carefully analyze and methodically think about in order to really understand: does it make sense to stay married or does it make sense to get divorced.

Want to further explore your options?

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Looking for “realistic” divorce solutions?

Carefully planning out your next stage of your life comes from the answers to this particular question. If you’d like to know more about how to logically plan your next steps, Logically Plan Your Divorce  as you think through “does it even make sense to get divorced”. This 90-minute course comes with a 15-page analysis that has you looking at your life from like a global view from a bird’s eye view. 

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