How to heal after divorce

Sometimes we just need some words of inspiration. We just need to feel inspired, uplifted and energized.

We need to feel good, we need to feel that there is a solution, we need to feel that there is an answer- that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

You will get this when you’re surrounded by supportive people. You will get this when you’re surrounded by people who feel like you, who act like you, who are looking for solutions, who are looking to upgrade, who are looking to up level, who are looking for realistic ways to move forward with life.

How to move on after divorce

This is what we do in Divorce by Rose- to have this like-minded support coming from parents from around the world who are feeling the same way as you, behaving the same way as you, and feeling the same ways where sometimes they are lost and confused- they just need some direction or they just need to talk to someone in an ANONYMOUS environment. So, I asked some people this week to give me a sentence or two about how you feel this week that Divorce by Rose helped you? And I just wanted to share some of the comments with you. Remember that everyone is remaining anonymous on this app so all their names are unusual- no one is really using their real names.

Cuddle Pandas said: So far, it made me realize some things that I did not think before. That happened to me too when I was getting divorced, there was a whole slew of things that I did not even know about or think about because I just did not know what I did not know. So, until I faced it, I did not know that this was going to happen.

Baseball Ace said: I never realized that there is a way to make divorce uncomplicated.
Doesn’t it make so much sense- how would you’ve known any other way? You probably would not.

Ambitious Gamer said: There is still hope despite all of that we are going through.
Yes, absolutely! There is definitely hope on the other side WHEN you are walking the right path.

Addicted to Cake said: I’m a silent reader but I was able to realize important things that I need to consider when contemplating divorce. Amazing! That is the whole idea.

Disney Lover said: 

It makes me feel hopeful.
Amazing! That’s great. So whether she or he is contemplating divorce or actually will go through separation, it doesn’t really matter.

Anonymous Girl said: Being positive in any possible way.

Yes the positivity is going to get you a lot further than negativity.

Clever Boo said: I’m thankful for this APP because I got the courage to run from my own nightmare.

Amazing!  If that is what you needed to help you move forward with life then we’re very happy. So, the most important thing I say is always surround yourself with a community of like-minded people. If you want to join the “I hate my ex club”, then definitely join those negative people. But if you want to see more positive, uplifting, something that will help you see differently, plant new seeds of thought in your mind, look at your divorce from a bird’s eye view, do things differently, go outside of the box, think outside of the box, which is something I was talking about, then definitely join us in Divorce by Rose.

So much so that starting over after divorce at 40 or 50 years old doesn’t have to be a horrible experience!

The success of your divorce will ALWAYS start of and end off with YOU! It has nothing to do with your agem but on how YOU show up, how YOU respond and how focused you are in moving FORWARD with your life, from this very moment. Should be enthusiastic about your divorce as this could be a golden opportunity for you? Or, perhaps you should focus on rebuilding your life by imagining your life is like a puzzle.

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