If you don’t know how to deal with divorce, you MUST watch this!

Why do you need a divorce support team- “multiple” people, not just “one” person. The reason is because you’re going to go through a lot throughout your personal life: your role as a parent,  your finances, your work,  your career and no ONE coach or one expert or one professional can help you in all those areas. Every coach has their own level of expertise and services and particular speciality areas. The other reason I say it’s important to surround yourself with a “team” is because I learned this the hard way:  that I needed a lot of help as I had a lot of questions and I had a lot of worries and concerns and no ONE person was able to answer all those questions for me. 

This is why I created Divorce by Rose-  a Divorce Community app that brings together two communities:  you’ve got the parents who have questions and concerns and worries with, coaches experts and professionals that have been carefully selected in order to answer your questions. You have questions and we have the answers. So no matter where the coaches reside from around the world, we each have one main commonality: we’ve been down this road- we’ve done that, we’ve seen that, we’ve taught on it we’ve guided on it. Therefore, we know what you’re going to go through. We know what is on the other side of that situation.

How to divorce amicably 

As I see it, you have two choices.  I always say “we don’t know what we don’t know” and

because you don’t know much about this new path of yours, you’re kind of going through it day by day. 

This brings you to two choices to make: 

Choice #1: You just go through a day by day and you wait to see what comes up and you deal with it and you will eventually learn the lesson of that particular situation

Choice #2: You surround yourself with a team of professionals, coaches or experts who are  going to bring to your attention what, when & how  to think about a particular situation and will help you plant the seeds of thought in your mind.

Let’s look at this:  let’s think about that because these are all the things that you need in order to learn, grow, evolve and transform post-divorce. This is what you need to do to look at your divorce from a bird’s eye view. You must remove the “emotions” from the equation and think logically!

Is divorce therapy enough or do I also need a lawyer?

This is why Divorce by Rose was created as an app-it starts a conversation between you and other like-minded parents. It works and feels like Facebook BUT you can remain completely anonymous! That means that no one will identify or recognize you- so you don’t have to worry about what you say and how you say it. You really get to be real, raw and authentic here. 

And this is super helpful for you because I know it’s helpful for me.  Even after 10 years of my divorce, I can tell you that I’m still learning and growing and it’s a wonderful feeling!

Another helpful feature of Divorce by Rose is that you’re surrounded by coaches that we’ve carefully selected – professionals who have a lot of experience and are there within the feed to share with you and guide you and offer their expertise and their guidance. I can tell you that I was NOT prepared for my divorce and for this reason, my divorce journey was long and painful- even though I thought I had it all “figured out”

There is so much for you to learn. This is a wonderful environment for you to learn something new and something different. It’s very important to surround yourself with a “neutral” team  who doesn’t have a vested interest in your decision or outcome. 

Whether you’re contemplating divorce or newly separated, you will find the new YOU and answers that we know you need RIGHT now.

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