Do you want to learn ways to strengthen a marriage and avoid a divorce? Or, are you ready to divorce?

So many people ask me this question: What kind of coach do I need? Well, I always say: you need multiple coaches.

They say “what … no… but I only have one issue…” And I say: you may have one issue today but you’re going to have many more coming. Why is that? Because as you’re going through the process of deciding whether or not to divorce, as you are going through the process of separation and as the motion starts to move, there are different factors that start to show up.

It is not just about how to ask for a divorce peacefully

First, there is going to be a thought about: I need help with myself, I’m not good with myself or I’m having issues. Then there is going to be issues with the children and then, you will have questions about your work or your career and then you’re going to have questions about finances. There are so many different areas of your life that have to be discussed, thought about and revamped that you are going to need the help of coaches from various industries that offer various services to help you answer your questions.

Coping with separation and divorce comes with finding the best support system

And this is one of the most beautiful things that you have with Divorce by Rose. You are here in this Divorce Community app surrounded by other like-minded parents who are thinking the same thing as you, asking the same questions, have the same thoughts and who could learn from you and who want to engage with other parents, who want to feel that they’re not alone, who want to share their wisdom or their trials and tribulations.

This is what human nature needs: that support system.

And the other best part is that you are surrounded by coaches who have been carefully selected because they have the tools, the strategies, the wisdom and the experience to help you through that particular situation. One day, you might need help with your finances, there is a Finance Coach in Divorce by Rose. Then you might need help with your children, there are coaches in there who have online courses on how to speak to your children and how to have conversations. Then you might have issues with yourself, you are not feeling good with yourself- we have plenty of coaches who are there to help you with self development, to learn about yourself, to understand yourself better and to understand how you got to where you are right now. So, whether you are a mother or a father and you’re contemplating divorce or newly separated, there are courses and support teams inside Divorce by Rose that are specifically designed to help YOU to answer YOUR questions. This Divorce by Rose APP was created specifically to help parents answer their questions by coaches, experts and professionals who have the answers- to liaison these 2 communities together because I know that you have the questions that you won’t be able to find on Google or online or anywhere else. But I know that these coaches have the wisdom, the expertise and the experience to help you make your life and your post divorce life easier than it is today.

My painful divorce lessons learned:

When I separated, I was so naive- little did I know how terribly difficult a divorce can be. Would I have known better, I would have known  what kind of divorce coach I needed ad also, that I needed help from other professionals besides an attorney and therapist.

I summarize your BEST strategies in these 3 divorce worksheets will help you tremendously by looking at how to logically plan your divorce, how to get your divorce finances and budget in order and also, the 5 Key Strategies to AVOID a nasty divorce.