One massive tip for the cheapest way to get a divorce:

Let me tell you a story about Sally’s pink shoes and grilled cheese sandwiches that cost $5,000. 

So, I left Sally’s pink shoes at the father’s house and the father refuses to give me back the shoes. So, I argue back and forth and say, “give me back the shoes- I bought them”. And he says, “no, not giving you back Sally’s pink shoes”.  So, I go to my lawyer and I say “he won’t give me back the shoes and I want the shoes back, I bought them, I paid them. Here’s the receipt and I want them back”. So, his lawyer sends my lawyer letters and his lawyer responds back and we go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. And guess what happens?

We end up spending $2,000 in legal fees, going back and forth with the principle that if you take something from me, I want it back. And I want Sally’s pink shoes back that only costs me $20. Then I argue over a grilled cheese sandwich. I’m used to giving grilled cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread and he gives them on white bread. So, we argue back and forth about the health dangers of eating white bread over whole wheat bread. We show have a whole slew of statistics and research and whatever saying white bread is not healthy for children.

They should be eating grilled cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread. So, my lawyer calls his lawyer and his lawyer writes back a letter to my lawyer. And my lawyer writes back to his lawyer and his lawyer writes back to mine and we go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth over the health dangers of eating white bread. So, over two slices of bread, a slice of cheese and Sally’s pink shoes that cost 20$, we just spent $5,000 in legal fees. WHERE’S THE LOGIC IN THAT?

THIS funny but not so funny story is the most important tip on how to save money during a divorce!

How does that make any sense? And the craziest part of this is that people don’t realize how ridiculous some of the fights are and the person who perpetuates the fight in order to ”win” the war and “win” at whatever they’re arguing about is honestly, in my opinion, the dumbest human being on this planet. I think it’s completely ridiculous to argue over $20 pair of shoes and two slices of bread and a piece of cheese. I think it’s ridiculous that it’s gone to the point the parents have to battle it out over something as insignificant and unimportant as spending $5,000 on legal fees over these two ridiculous sagas.   And what I say all the time is divorce comes with looping sagas. Whether you want it or not, whether you invite it or not into your life, it’ll come to you because we’re not privy to it. No one has this special power or special boundary that protects you from these stupidities and these kinds of useless sagas, they just happen.

Do you want a fast divorce?

The best and only way to keep your hard earned monies where they belong- in your pockets- and to minimize the number of years you waste going around in circles in these looping sagas is by paying attention to this reality that gravely affects many parents. It is most advised that you prepare yourself with the right answers, the right strategies, the right solutions, and know how to avoid “reacting” and instead, just “respond”. Because, it’s just not worth it. 

This story may be about how two parents spent $5,000 on grilled cheese sandwiches and Sally’s pink shoes, but it could actually be about anything else. Keep this story in mind. It will certainly come in handy.

Imagine if you were to take the $5,000 and invest it in yourself and invest it in your children. How much further would your dollar take you? 

Ready for some “realistic” solutions?

Did you know that Divorce is a Game and, those people who don’t know how to play it, will always “lose” something.

So, should you be Comparing Your Divorce with someone else’s or, is it best to acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and that you must find your own path?

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