One tip to get through your divorce emotionally:

You should be treating your divorce like a business, what does that mean? If you’re to go into a business meeting and you’re not happy with your boss or what your colleague does or the next project, are you going to freak out and yell and scream and be hysterical and put all the whole big show?

Likely not. Divorce is the same thing.

What is the easiest way to get a divorce?

 When you’re going and talking to your soon to be ex, you do not want to be a bottle of emotions that just explodes when you meet the person. You need to have your emotions in check. And I’m not saying that it’s easy in divorce- there is a whole lot of emotions. There is a whole lot of stuff going on but you have to detach yourself from your emotions when you’re talking to your soon to be ex. You need to separate the two. You can have your emotions when you’re in private but when the two of you are together, it has to be logical conversations.

How to start over after divorce?

You need to think that your divorce is like a business… how would I act at work? How would I show up in front of my boss if I was not happy? Would I be smart and intelligent and maybe come up with some logical strategic solutions or am I just going to be screaming and yelling and hysterical? You have to decide how YOU want to show up. But I’m telling you that if you want to really move forward with your life, if you really want to create yourself a life where you minimize the amount of negative impact from the divorce and you want to minimize the sagas and the dramas, the number one thing and the number one best advice that I can offer you is … treat your soon to be ex like your boss with respect, with courtesy and even though you don’t like that person and even though you’re filled with a list of things you don’t like, you’re better off treating this divorce with respect than with animosity. Because we know the stories of what happens to people when they have a very acrimonious divorce and you don’t want to go that route.

What else can you do?

People do not realize this but there are common mistakes that most parents make. We tend to want to follow one another and do what “he did” or follow “what she said” because it “worked” for that person. This is wrong thinking as no two divorces can be compared. Therefore, try to detect a master storyteller who just wants to be “heard”.

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