What to ask for in a divorce settlement agreement is not only about money – it’s also about YOU!

There are so many people, parents especially who are getting divorced, who think they are “untouchable” thinking NOTHING is going to happen to them…. There’s no way these dramas and stories are going to happen to them…. There’s no way that these situations are going to happen because the X doesn’t have money. The X doesn’t have that power… The X doesn’t have the ability or the capacity to do that… The ex is a nice person- he or she would never do anything like that. And I’ll tell you something, if you think that you can PREDICT what your ex or soon to be ex is going to be like, you are DELUSIONAL. You cannot predict what your soon to be ex is going to turn into just as much as you cannot predict that they’re always going to say and do what they say they’re going to do. Things change, life changes, situations change, people come and go into their lives: new girlfriends, new boyfriends, new husbands, new wives, new circumstances arise. You cannot predict. And this is why all I always say you must at the very, very beginning, even BEFORE you talk about getting divorced, you must carefully and logically plan your divorce.

#1 tip on how to get over divorce quickly:

You MUST carefully and think about all the different angles and components of your divorce. You cannot be like in a fast-food restaurant and say “I’ll take one hamburger, one french fry, and one coke- I’m done for my meal. It’s not a pick and choose situation. Divorce comes with a lot of analysis and logical planning that makes SENSE for you and for the kids moving forward so that everyone can move forward with their lives from that point on. If you don’t do it that way, and you do the fast-food menu style, you’re going to end up doing the fast food system the rest of your life saying, “OK I’ll give you this, you give me that” it’s going to be a bartering system. It’s going to be a constant negotiation. It’s going to be constant bickering and screaming and yelling and freaking out at each other. It’s never going to end. You have to do it RIGHT from the very beginning, so if you want to learn how to carefully and logically plan your divorce, I’ve created a course in Divorced by Rose, which gets you through a 10 page analysis that gets you “thinking outside of the box”.  It gets you thinking like a person who’s about to get divorced: What are all the different things you need to think about? How do you carefully and logically plan everything so that it makes sense today AND for the future? How do you remove the emotions from the equation so that you could think logically, meticulously and plan it out in a way where you and the other parent can just move forward with your lives in parallel.

Our Founder, Ravit Rose shares some of her experiences with us on how she coped with her divorce emotions   after she had not understood why she needed to be a Psychologist to fully understand what was actually going in in front of her.

How to win a divorce starts with:

If you’re staying behind and your spouse/ex is moving forward, this disconnect is what’s going to cause the craziness and the sadness and the dramas and the stupidities that plague too many families.

In order to avoid as much nastiness as possible:

I recommend you better understand what it truly means to Logically Plan your Divorce

It is equally important to Get Your Divorce Finances & Budget in Order  

And, last but definitely not least, it is important to fully compehend these 5 Key Strategies to Avoid a Nasty Divorce as they will enlighten you as to the “realities” you will face.