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One of my biggest mistakes that I made that I realize now after 10 years of craziness, is that I didn't take care of my finances properly. I honestly just wanted to be done with it. I gave up a lot, a lot was taken- involuntarily. I didn't plan out my future properly. I didn't know that there were so many details that had to be thought about and considered before I even signed any agreements. And, for example, I honestly thought in a way that a lot of parents think... I believed that the only thing to really think about was the mortgage or the house or the lease, the financial situation when it comes to the kids- the kids' expenses and the assets and breaking up the assets.

But the thing is that there are so many my details that you really don't even realize that are really important to talk about from the get-go, if you don't want to negotiate time and time and time again, every single time there's an expense. And this was something that I wish that I could go back in time and iron everything out and go through the exact details of who does what, when and how, because I can tell you that I would have saved myself a whole load of craziness over the past 10 years. And this is a typical mistake that every single parent makes.


Because without proper divorce support, 

we don't know what we don't know. And the one thing I can tell you we don't know is that we cannot predict what is going to happen in the future. We cannot predict what kind of expenses we're going to have. We cannot predict how the other parent is going to react or behave when it's time to give money. This is why one of my biggest mistakes is that I didn't go to a financial advisor or a financial coach or speak to someone who had experience with divorce, who would have said Ravit, if you go this route, then plan X, Y and Z. If you want to go different routes, then A, B and C is what's going to happen. You pick and choose which route you want to take. If I would have done that, if I would have gone to a specialist from the very beginning, I guarantee it.

A: I would have never spent $80,000 in legal fees.

And B: I guarantee myself that I would have saved myself a whole load of craziness to go over the looping sagas over and over and over again, over the same issues all the time. My best advice to you is: get the help, be surrounded by support, guidance & wisdom.

You must consider the emotional costs of divorce:

And this is what we're doing in Divorce by Rose. We've got a whole bunch of online courses offered by various specialists that come in the financial industry. And there's various possibilities for you to look at because the most important thing right now is for you to think outside of the box and think from a global view, from like a bird's eye view. And the most important thing is map it all out, plan it all out, know where you're going, what you're doing, what your future holds, how are you doing financially? Who's going to do what, when, where, how, and detail it, detail it, detail it, that way you could really move forward with your post-divorce life and build yourself this beautiful life that you want to have.

Please join us anonymously at Divorce by Rose- a Divorce Community app that brings together two communities: you've got the parents who are contemplating divorce and newly separated with experts, coaches, and professionals who have the tools, strategies and solutions for these parents. Essentially what we're doing is bringing these two worlds together- where you guys have questions and we have the answers, strategies, solutions and most realistic solutions that you need and can apply in your life right now.

Whatever you decide to do, whatever resonates most with you, my best recommendation is that you ALWAYS remember that your main goal should be to divorce with maturity and to leave a carefully crafted divorce legacy behind to your children and your loved ones.It will also be ridiculously helpful to you if you wacthed our tips on Divorce and the Law of Emotions.

And then, go ahead and apply your new strategies with the help of our DbR courses: Learning the 5 Key Strategies to Avoid a Nasty Divorce and Logically Planning Your Divorce and completing the divorce financial worksheet to see the details of your finances and budget.