Divorce tip for mothers: How to financially prepare for divorce

I share this same message every single day to women and mothers worldwide. And sometimes it’s hard to hear. At other times they’re really understanding the truth and validity behind what I’m saying. It is extremely, extremely important for women to become financially independent of the father or the spouse. And let me explain what I mean. If you are going to budget based on monies that he is going to give you every month, whether that’s child support or alimony, I have to tell you that you’re going to fall into problems. And the reason is because jobs come and go. Money comes and goes. Games are played on a regular basis. And we’ve all heard all the kinds of games that are being played by people who choose not to pay the bills.

What should a woman do to prepare for divorce?

It is ESSENTIAL for women, in order to move on with their lives, to have their own budgeting, to have their own money. And that means that you have your base income, you have the money that’s coming in on a regular monthly basis, and with that money you’re paying the bills. All the moneys that are coming from the father are extra. It’s bonus, it’s the gravy money. Those are the fun monies to deal with. All the women who have done it that way have had an easier time post-divorce than those women who sit and wait for the checks to come in on a monthly basis and then have issues and problems, and dramas when the money doesn’t come in. So if you want to be really independent post-divorce, if you really want to move on with your life, the most important thing is- when you’re negotiating, when you’re talking, when you’re contemplating divorce, when you’re thinking about things now, before you make any decisions, think about how you can become financially independent.

Step #1 to a woman preparing for divorce:

In Ravit Rose’s courses Logically Planning Your Divorce, and Getting your Finances and Budget in Order, you are going to learn and look at your budget from a very different perspective of “I’m not a two-income earner anymore; I’m a solo mother who now needs to pay her own bills. How am I going to do that?”

You will diving deep and looking at your reality from a bird’s eye view. It has you looking at your finances and your budget from a very different perspective. The kind of perspective that it will really leave you independent, free, and wealthy at the end of the day. This is the first and most critical step to starting your divorce process and ensuring that you are walking into your divorce negotiation with a feeling of security and safety, rather than feeling fear and repeating the most toxic sentences like “I am going to be broke. I will be living on the street. I will be left with nothing”. Do not let those becoe your reality. Plan in advance, Be logical and meothodical and do some simple math coupled with logical reasoning and see how your life will turn around post divorce.

For “realistic” solutions:

Start by immediately adopting these strategies:

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2. Treat Your Divorce Like a Business