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A powerful movement changing the conversation around divorce, helping people avoid ending up “broke and broken- whether financially, emotionally, spiritually, in their career, or as parents.”

Ravit Rose makes for a fascinating media segment / interview whose message is a vitally important one for our times. Ravit, an internationally renowned divorce coach and mentor, author, and public speaker is also a deeply devoted mom to her children. Her personal and vast professional knowledge has turned her into a true innovator - a disruptor in the divorce space who is working to change the way people understand, manage and cope with their divorce.

If you follow Ravit, you likely have heard her say this many times: “We don't know how to marry and we certainly don't know how to divorce either.”  Her purposeful passion stems from the lessons she learned throughout her decade long nasty divorce that cost her over $100,000 in legal fees.

Her work is varied: one on one work with clients, her compelling book, “Unwanted Nasty Divorces: One passionate mother’s quiet revolution of discovery - How to end the struggle of divorce and survive the journey,” her inspirational, educational speaking engagements, and the innovative divorce community app she developed during the pandemic.  Ravit hopes to build a global movement by sharing realistic strategies and solutions to down trend the nasty divorce epidemic that plagues the majority of the world.

Rose went from struggling to survive a nasty divorce to researching, analyzing and formulating the common patterns between why she and other families were suffering: divorce is just a game that very few know how to play.

The problems of her divorce became an inspiration to journal her frustrations and ultimately, publish her book. From that moment, she dove head first into finding “the solution” to this nasty divorce epidemic. The Divorce by Rose community app takes the typical problems that burn holes in parents’ hearts and converts them into evolving, mature, sane & reasonable parents who can co-exist.

Rose is replacing the old and outdated divorce mindset into a fresh and balanced system that will truly protect the families and our future leaders, our children. Within this divorce industry that plagues 50-70% of the population and in a legal system that needs change, the greatest change comes from empowering parents to learn lifelong skills such as: self development, self reliance, self awareness, independence and focusing on their divorce legacy.

Rose’s work changes lives. She is removing the “fight” that makes divorce an ugly “D” word by each parent to individually focus on this golden opportunity to rebuild and restructure their lives, as they wish it to be. 

More about the app:  The Divorce by Rose community app helps parents to leave the emotions aside and instead, make the ”logical” decision to either stay married or get divorced, and then learn the most appropriate and amicable strategies to peacefully move on with life- whether as husband & wife or, as mother & father. Divorces have common patterns and Ravit is not only exposing those patterns but is continuously searching for realistic solutions. Parents can also learn new strategies and skills from the bite-sized courses and smaller cohorts. This game changing app encompasses a blue ocean strategy. While remaining anonymous, parents have immediate access to 24/7 instant support, guidance and direction from DbR's trained divorce coaches and from like-minded parents around the world.  For under $10/month, parents have an affordable venue to vent, share and post their challenges or successes until they find their inner and outer peace.

 Ravit Rose is available for interviews.

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Ravit Rose

Divorce Coach & Mentor | Founder of Divorce by Rose Community app | Author, Unwanted Nasty Divorces: One passionate mother's quiet revolution of discovery. How to end the struggle of divorce and survive the journey

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