Depression after divorce is real

Making the decision to divorce is a very difficult and loaded decision. It requires a lot of thought and attention and focus on many different areas of your life. But one thing that I learned the very hard way is that procrastinating the decision also doesn’t help. And I was very good at procrastinating because I was really worried about many different areas. And a lot of my decisions were “Should I stay?” “Should I go?” “If I go…” “What about this?” and “What about that?” “How about this?” and “How about that?” And I was overwhelmed with fear, worries and anxieties- that my decision to divorce or not was more fear-based than anything else. I stopped thinking logically and I was full on emotions.

so, how to get over a divorce as a man and as a woman?

I can tell you that by doing that I made a lot of mistakes throughout my divorce because a lot of the decisions I made were coming from desperation, denial or despair. And when my decisions were coming from that bad and negative place, in hindsight, I realized that it was probably the worst thing I could have done. And this is why in my 5 Key Strategies to Avoid a Nasty Divorce Course, I talk about the 5 essential strategies that you need to understand. And one of them is this: you have to remove the emotions from the equation and you have to know HOW, and WHEN to apply that. So, it’s not an easy and automatic thing to do and it’s like what I always say, “we don’t know how to marry, and we certainly don’t know how to divorce either.”

This begs the question: is it better to divorce or stay unhappily married?

This is a question only you can answer “logically” after yo dig deeper into this thought. So if someone is not there to show you, teach you and guide you and support you throughout this process, I guarantee you- you’re going to make emotional decisions. You may not think it now, you may think it’s logical now, but at one point it will come back to you and you will realize that you made an emotional decision rather than a logical one, and you will end up, come back and regret it.

To help you make this decision, I share my personal thoughts with you in regards to my view on children of divorce and also my divorce journey. Take in what resonates with you and tuck away the rest, as you will likely need these words of wisdom sometime soon.

I have carefully crafted these bite-sized courses to help you make this logical decision on how to logically plan your divorce, how to get your divorce finances and budget in order and also, the 5 Key Strategies to AVOID a nasty divorce.