If you’re looking up divorce tricks for men and for women, you know it’s now about divorce money, ego and power. Oops!

Let’s make this world a better place! How? By divorcing with maturity. Sounds weird, right?

Maturity… Divorce…does it even match? does it even go together? It does and it should! To be honest with you, one of the main things that I look for when I’m dating is that I’m looking for a man who divorced with maturity, who does not hate or despise his ex-wife, one who does not try to do anything possible to make his ex-wife or the mother of his children suffer tremendously. And I know many women who think this way and many women who are looking for that mature evolved man. And I know of many men who think the same way and are looking for that mature evolved woman. So often when we’re going through divorce, we throw in all of our emotions and all of our worst fears and all of our worst concerns and we say I don’t want to lose this, I don’t want to lose that, I don’t want to do this and do that and they think of all the negative. But the one thing people forget about is…. hold on a second… once the saga is over with, once it all gets settled, then where am I going to be?

The best divorce settlement checklist must include how BOTH parents will move on from this point

Am I going to be in a place where I’m good, I’m settled, I can date again, I can marry again, I can love again or is it going to take me 10 years to heal from this craziness that I’m thrown into? This is something you need to think about from day… minus one even.  From the day you’re thinking about getting divorced, you need to think of how mature do I want this divorce to be? How sexy do I want this divorce to be? How do I want this to show up in my life? And I know it sounds weird when I say “make divorce sexy again” but the truth is we all want that at the end of the day.  None of us want to be suffering through the next 10, 20 years of our lives fighting for something that happened yesterday.

The first relationship after divorce success rate:

We all want to move FORWARD with life. So, what are you going to do to make sure you divorce with maturity? What are you going to do to show up in a way where you are really looking forward with your life and making sure your kids can move forward with their life and an even more mature move… how are you going to make sure that your ex to be is also going to move forward with life? That is mature, that is sexy and that is something that we should all be looking forward to. How can all of us- even though we are split up and we are from two different ends of the world at this point-  how can we all move forward with life in a way where I go my way and my spouse goes the other way… and the other parent goes the other way.

How do you make sure that you are both moving in the same direction so that you don’t go butting heads anymore? You start with knowing that most divorces include expensive and unnecessary looping sagas  and also hear the TRUTH about how much your divorce will cost you

And then, you apply “prevention” strategies by starting with logically planning your divorce , getting your divorce finances and budget in order and fully understand the 5 key strategies to AVOID a nasty divorce.

“Knowledge is the start, APPLIED knowledge is your solution.”- Ravit Rose, our Founder