How does a divorced dad survive?

Men and dads have a very tough time post-divorce and the loneliness is a killer to many. The suicide rate is extremely high and the loneliness rate is also extremely high with men post-divorce. So, dads here is the ultimate platform that provides you a safe place to share, learn and explore more about yourself.

How Divorce Changes a Man:

Ladies, this is a message for you: if you want the father of your children to be okay, if you want him to be the best version of himself and be able to raise your children in the best way possible, my best suggestion to you is that you give the dad the space to find himself. Trust me when I tell you that a “lost & confused” dad will not help anyone and will actually weigh down all of your progress.

It is highly likley that the dad is not handling the separation and idea of divorce in the same manner as you. This is normal. We each have our own path. I have seen some divorces make a better man of the dad and I have also seen the opposite. It really all depends on what path dad chooses to take and commit to.

Men and Divorce Emotional Stages:

Dads come and tell us what you need. If you have a message that you want us to hear- if you want us to know something in particular, if you want us to understand you better, you need to come out and tell us. You need to come and tell us what you want us to know- what you’re feeling and what you’re thinking. The only way that we, as mothers, can be sensitive to you and empathetic to you and to what you’re going through is if we fully understand from a real, raw and authentic point of view, what it is that you’re going through and what it is that you need.

And many of you dads shy away from sharing your thoughts and your feelings- probably because you don’t want to be judged or you don’t want anyone to know you’re thinking that way or you’re concerned that you’re going to be looked at differently. I don’t know. But the only way that I can tell you that dads, you’re going to have an easier time post-divorce is that if us, mothers, understand what you’re thinking. Because I know you guys understand what we’re thinking, right? Because we’re so communicative and we share everything that’s in our hearts and we outpour everything so we kind of give you all the clues and the signs and tell you the raw, honest truth, whether you like it or you don’t like it, we do tell it.

Solutions for dads in divorce:

There are common patterns with divorce- for both the mothers and fathers. Would you like to know which mistakes divorces dads are making? You may also want to futher explore a common phenomena- called Psychosclerosis

What would I recommend as a Divorce Coach & Mentor who has been down this road for over a decade? You need to think BIGGER and “outside of the box” and these 3 divorce worksheets will help you do just that. Discover how to logically plan your divorce, how to get your divorce finances and budget in order and also, the 5 Key Strategies to AVOID a nasty divorce.