Is it normal to think about divorce?

Do you ever stop to evaluate whether you are thinking good or bad about your divorce? What is the main focal point of your thinking?

Divorce and Enthusiasm go  hand and hand and I know that sounds really weird so hear me out here. You are getting divorced. Conversation of divorce is happening because something is broken. Something is just no longer working anymore. Someone is just not feeling good about this marriage anymore. Someone is distancing themselves- whether it’s you or both of you, it doesn’t really matter. The bottom line is that something isn’t working. And so, if something is not working, divorce is your golden opportunity to REDESIGN your life as you want it to be. To HONOR yourself. To give yourself what it is you actually want in your life.

Or, are you thinking…

How long does it take to get over a divorce?

Divorce could look like a bad thing because it’s the break up of the family and whatever it is the you knew as being “normal”. Even though everything that you had is no longer going to be there anymore, if you look on the flip side and you look at all the things that you ARE going to have and all those things are going to be introduced into your life, you will see how much less time it will take to get over your divorce because you will be focusing on your future rather, than thinking of yesterday. When your focus will be on all those good things that you are going to be doing differently and, reinvigorating back into your life and how you are going to be re-introducing the person that you really want to be and the life that you really want to have, your focus will be on remaining enthusiastic that “what is” will always be better than “what was”.

How to heal from a divorce you didn’t want?

If you’re having a conversation with your spouse or the other parent, and the conversation is not going so great- where you’re not feeling so great about the idea of “divorce”, I want you to know one thing: besides the fact of being overloaded with emotions, which you should be expecting to feel, I want you to take the opportunity and really analyze where you’re at right now and ask yourself if this really where you want to be.  You need to be enthusiastic about your post-divorce life in order to make the right decisions right now. If you‘re not enthusiastic about what is going to come and what you are envisioning and what do you want to bring into your life, all your decisions you’re going to make are going to be coming from a negative emotional place and I guarantee you that you’re likely going to regret many of your decisions.

Discover the solutions:

To help answer these giant questions and to carefully evaluate your options:

– It may help to understand divorce as discovering how you can put together your new divorce puzzle if your life

– If you are a mother and you feel disempowered by the fear of your financial situation, a better comprehension of how mothers must become financially independent can help you at this point. For the most realistic solutions to feeling comfortable and at ease with your financial situation, completing the detaield analysis in the Getting Your Budget & Finances in Order course would be of great benefit to you!

– Feeling plagued by emotions right now? I completely understand you. I was too and this is how I learned to cope with my divorce emotions. Perhaps it can shed some bright lights on your journey.

Whatever you decide to do, whatever resinates most with you, my best recommendation is that you ALWAYS remember that your main goal should be to divorce with maturity. In order to do so, you may need the help of either of these 2 DbR courses: Learning the 5 Key Strategies to Avoid a Nasty Divorce and Logically Planning Your Divorce.