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OTTAWA: Ontario, Canada

Tenebris Inc. is an Ottawa, Canada-based cybersecurity consultancy and investigation agency founded by security expert Eric Jacksch. In addition to cybersecurity expertise, Eric has a background in physical security and is comfortable discussing any security topic that may concern you. Our primary focus is to help small businesses and individuals thrive in an increasingly complex and sometimes hostile environment. 

Individuals in the process of separation and divorce often have concerns about protecting: 

  • Information stored on their phones, tablets, and computers
  • Confidential communications with their lawyer and other professionals
  • Email, banking, social media, shopping, and other online accounts

Depending on the situation, you may have more specific concerns about electronic surveillance, harassment, or stalking. 

Electronic surveillance encompasses a diverse range of methods. Malicious software can monitor and record activities taking place on personal computers, and intrusively access the camera and microphone. GPS devices and Bluetooth trackers such as Apple AirTags can be used to monitor the location of vehicles and other belongings. Mobile phones can be configured to allow their location to be tracked by a third party. Unscrupulous individuals may obtain unauthorized access to email accounts, social media profiles, and online shopping platforms with the intent of gathering sensitive information about their victims' activities. And, in some cases, covert microphones and cameras are used to violate privacy. 

But before you invest time and money, it is important to identify realistic risks and create a practical plan to address them. As security experts, we can help assess the situation, discuss options, and recommend the right solutions. 

Our process begins with a paid online or telephone consultation lasting approximately one hour. During this time, we will focus on the details of your specific situation, understand your concerns, identify the realistic security risks you face, and develop an individual plan tailored to your needs. Beyond the consultation, there is no obligation to purchase any further products or services. We are, however, available to help you further if required. 

Your personalized plan will include practical and actionable security advice. For example, if you are concerned that a former partner is still able to access your computer, we will discuss the details. Depending on your desired outcome, we may recommend resetting your computer, or you may desire a forensic examination to collect evidence. In other situations, it might be more practical to change your password, encrypt the drive, and install additional security software. 

Many of our clients are able to reset their own devices to factory defaults and remove any malicious software. We can advise on whether you should do so, and how to protect yourself in the future. In other situations, we may refer you to affordable resources in your area. 

If our assessment suggests that your home, office, or car may be “bugged”, we will discuss various options ranging from do-it-yourself device location to engaging a local investigator or Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) professional. 

For individuals in high-risk situations, we can recommend or provide state-of-the-art encryption, authentication, secure communication, and endpoint protection products (including antivirus and antimalware capability). Combined, these can protect your information and, if necessary, your location. 

Upon request, we can work with your lawyer to document and provide expert evidence pertaining to electronic surveillance or harassment. We are also comfortable working with other professionals as part of your support team. 


Note: Tenebris provides security consulting services worldwide except where prohibited by local law. We are not a law firm, and therefore cannot provide legal advice. We are only licensed to provide investigation services in the Province of Ontario, Canada. 


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