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ARKANSAS: Benton County

Hi ~ I’m Max Scholfield.  In my 30+ years providing financial advisory services, one of the toughest things I’ve found in my career is to meet a newly divorced potential client who had already made their settlement decisions.  Often, they hadn’t understood the nature of the asset, how it is taxed, or how to evaluate equity and ended up with something that didn’t serve them very well for what they wanted to do in their future.

This ultimately was what prompted me to look into how to be of better service – to see if I couldn’t get in front of those settlements with people.  That’s when I found the Institute of Divorce Financial and their certification to be a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™).  I completed the course in 2014, including several courses and passing a comprehensive exam. I’ve been able to provide services to people within the divorce process from general asset division strategic consulting; or facilitating and coaching negotiations between couples; to being a professional witness during divorce litigation.

By far, the facilitating and coaching negotiations between couples is where we really shine. I collaborate with my wife and business partner, Jennifer Scholfield. We’re both ideas people and skilled at asking questions that help people think in new ways about areas in which they may be stuck to get to solutions and resolutions.

In 1990 I joined Dean Witter/Morgan Stanley as an investment advisor and later became the office manager.  In 2011, Jen & I opened an independent financial advising practice together, where we specialize in the divorce consulting and retirement income strategies for our clients.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree is in Agricultural Economics, from Kansas State University.  I spent time after college as a cattle buyer and ran my own successful packing business for several years.


Hi ~ I’m Jennifer Scholfield. I have been working with individuals and couples divorcing since 2015.  I’m a trained mediator and Certified Wealth Strategist.

First of all, may I say my heart goes out to you for the cards life dealt bringing you to the place where you’d need to find someone like me to help navigate a divorce.

My formal divorce consulting education includes being certified in Collaborative Divorce, which is an alternative to mediation and of course, often more brutal litigation. I’m also a trained mediator. While I’m a practicing Financial Adviser (Fiduciary), previous to this career I was an executive coach which is I think my secret sauce in working with people.

Being a coach for someone has much less to do with talking AT someone, and instead requires skilled conversations and questions to help draw out someone’s future vision. Whether that’s with a divorcing person or couple, or a business person and their team or within their role, it’s the same.  What I think is refreshing for the people I work with is once you can visualize what you’d like for a future, the decisions on the assets are so much easier.

While it can often seem impossible to think past something you may never would have thought would happen to you, I’m here to tell you it is not only possible but often very empowering.

As to my formal training, I have a Master of Business Administration in International Management from Thunderbird, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Hamline University. I also studied 2 semesters abroad at La Scuola Delle Belle Arti in Genoa Italy, and Franklin College in Lugano Switzerland. As a result of the extensive cross-cultural training, I can adapt and work productively with people from all walks of life.

We look forward to the chance to talk with you about your own situation and how I or both Max and I might be of service.


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