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100% virtual. Based in India.
Pushpinder Singh is a Spiritual & Gurmat Speaker | Mindfulness Meditation Guide | Counsellor
Pushpinder Singh is situated in India and he has been into Spiritual & Gurmat practices since 18 Years under the guidance of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. He was in the state of partial Silence for 14 years, as rapid Spiritual growth is based on secrecy, and now he has submitted his life towards the path of Spirituality for the sake of serving Humanity.
He has spoken on various subjects in front of Sadh Sangat, Psychologists, Neurologists, Scientists, Phylosophists, Spiritualists etc.
Few of the topics are as follows:
Spirituality & Mindfulness.
Metaphysics & Mental Health .
Human Psychology.
Marriage & Relationships.
Karmas & Reincarnations.
The Universe: Motion, Space & Time.
Feminine & Masculine Dimensions Of Wealth.
10 Dimensions Of Energies.
He conducts Virtual Sessions on different Subjects, including Mental Health, Marriage & Divorce etc. related topics every month for worldwide participants. He also conducts Weekly Group Mindfulness Guided Meditation Sessions, in which he teaches Mantra Chanting and or Breath Work which consists of total 32 different stages, from physical levels of chanting to subtle, from Aahata to Anahata, chronologically synchronized with each other.
His Articles & Blogs are related to different subjects, like Spirituality, Mindfulness, Marriage, Science, Human Psychology, Universe & Mother Nature, Philosophy, Aura of Energies, Psychic Abilities, Reincarnation System etc.
He expertises in identifying 10 different dimensions of Energies, as these Energies play a huge role in every Human Being's lives, especially when it comes to Mental & Physical Health related issues.
Hence guiding Brothers & Sisters, regardless of their Cast, Creed, Religion, Gender, Nationality etc. has now become his Karma. He helps people to get out of their present state of Stress, Anxiousness & Depression, towards a Calm & Blissful state through Meditative & Spiritual practices, which leads to Holistic life. After-all Spirituality does have the power to change lives, through Spiritual practices people can elevate their Professional and Personal life including their Relationships, anyhow each and every problem within one's life starts from within their individual Minds, then later on those problems starts to manifest itself in their real life.


Saturday September 23rd 2023

Overcoming Anxiety: Identifying Different Reasons & Emotions Behind Fear

This audio you is an introdutory conversation that provides you with a snapshot of what we will be discussing in more detail:  https://youtu.be/EXKHhxZ6ork

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