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NEW YORK: Westchester County

I am a Business Advisor, Personal Consultant, as well as a Professional Speaker and Author of the Book GOING GREEN WITH YOUR SELF-ESTEEM that I wrote post-divorce, as well as starting my Momotivation, LLC business. (Momentum building to Motivate you to the next chapter of your life.)  I also provide boutique QuickBooks services for small business owners and individuals.  How does this all tie in together you ask?

As a divorced woman who was highly co-dependent throughout my almost 31 years of marriage, my focus was always on my children first, husband second and career third?  Sound familiar? While moving through the divorce process with two older children, the loneliness I felt was scary.  I’d never lived alone before, never managed personal finances, and wanted to know how I was going to reinvent myself to be “fiscally fit” post-divorce. Although the divorcing process can become overwhelming, I quickly learned about financial affidavits, financial analyses, tax ramifications, budgets, credit card statements, child support expenses and what it would really take to support myself and start COMPLETELY over with my own credit. I was trained to utilize QuickBooks to make the numbers make sense to me and visually see what I would need to give up while I regained my financial balance.

I value being able to help others who struggle through this stressful process.  Since my past experience was teaching severely behavior disordered children from broken, abusive families, as well as tutoring children on the side, I quickly learned how divorces can strip a child’s (as well as a mother’s) self-esteem.  The stress of the divorce even posed physical health challenges for me which impacted my ability to move forward with my life

I believe that the Certified Divorce Specialist enhances what I’ve been consulting with clients on for the last 15 years and teaching --- specifically helping women to take care of their mental health, physical health and wellness to enjoy financial security. If you have wealth what good is it without your health to enjoy your new future?

I’ve helped many people overcome the various obstacles that seemed to block their ability to move forward with their lives through my “Bless and Release” method. To look at every challenge as a blessing in disguise and learning to release the blockages in order to move on in life!  I’ve worked closely with financial advisors who specialize in walking people through the process, who can lock arms to make you GO GREEN WITH YOUR SELF-ESTEEM and see that the future CAN be brighter and healthier with boundless blessings for you!


About the Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS) Designation:

A Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS) is a professional who has successfully completed the Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS) Training. This comprehensive program is tailored for legal, financial, mental health, and real estate experts seeking to elevate their support for clients going through divorce.

CDS designees possess a holistic understanding of the divorce process, accompanied by a unique skillset for effective communication, all of which are expertly applied when assisting you on your divorce journey. Equipped with this specialized training, CDS designees are exceptionally well-prepared with invaluable insights and necessary resources to navigate the intricacies of your divorce. They are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care and guidance during this crucial life transition, making them the ideal choice for your divorce needs.


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