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California: San Mateo, Santa Bay area

My name is Karen D. Sparks, CDFA®, J.D. and I am the owner and founder of Divorce Financial Strategists™.
At Divorce Financial Strategists we think about divorce differently. Why? Because it matters to us that everyone exits the transition of divorce with the ability to initiate strategies for successful living post-divorce.

Divorce is about numbers but it is also about life. We are focused on assisting individuals with crafting unique and effective financial solutions that transform thinking from uncertainty and fear to strength, confidence and focus.

We achieve this result by listening first and making sure that you really understand the financial decisions that are created and more importantly that you understand all of the issues that could affect that decision.

Your experience with Divorce Financial Strategists™ will leave you affirmed that you have made the best possible financial decisions based upon your individual circumstances.
We always look forward to being a part of this process for all of our client families.

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