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FLORIDA: Lake County, Seminole County

Gary Bergenske is a licensed Real Estate Sales Associate who is a multiyear – multimillion dollar producer. Gary specializes in Residential and Commercial real estate. He has been an entrepreneur and businessman for nearly 40 years and enjoys bringing people together with their dreams. He has been influential in many humanitarian efforts working to make people’s lives better. You will feel comfortable as you work alongside him with your real estate needs.  Gary is a Certified Divorce Specialist who has had extensive training in assisting clients with their real estate needs when going through a divorce.

Get to Know Gary Bergenske- He’s a Realtor who focuses on building relationships with his clients to assist them in achieving their dreams. This includes those who are looking for their first home, those who are looking for a larger one or the couple who is downsizing. His expertise reaches into another area as well, those who are facing a difficult time in life having to maneuver through a divorce.  This is an area Gary specializes in having achieved the designation as a “Certified Divorce Specialist.” Gary has been trained in this area working with couples and their teams of people helping them to come to an agreeable resolution to move forward.  Some couples can figure things out themselves on how they wish to separate, others have one of the most difficult times of their lives.  In many cases a home and real estate is involved and that is where Gary’s expertise comes in.  Often the first step is to determine what the property is worth, followed by what to do with it.  Does one party remain in the home, is it sold, or is there another solution?

Gary has personal knowledge as he went through a painful divorce himself years ago. One that took a year to resolve with a parenting agreement, real estate to be divided, businesses to be separated, unbelievable attorney fees, and children that were having to live through this with their parents. This is the primary reason Gary has been involved in this area of real estate in his business, he knows and understands the pain people go through during this process and hopes to be able to bring some comfort, good reasoning, and solutions to families in need.

Gary Bergenske has been an entrepreneur and businessman for the past 40 years in the Orlando area. In 2020 he became a realtor and quickly built relationships with clients by assisting them with their real estate needs. He has been a multiyear multimillion-dollar producer every year.  He focuses on building relationships and helping people achieve their dreams, from that, success comes to all.

Gary is a motivational speaker as well and has delivered his inspiring message at locations around the world. Gary has written numerous books that are available on Amazon. Gary and his wife Anne have six children, all of whom are happily married and have given them 15 grandchildren.  The success of their children comes from the standard their parents set for them.

Gary has spent much of his life working for charities and is a humanitarian.  To learn more about what he has done in this area watch some of his videos on YouTube.

His video of “One Man’s Dream” may be of interest to you.

“One Man’s Dream”


About the Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS) Designation:

A Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS) is a professional who has successfully completed the Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS) Training. This comprehensive program is tailored for legal, financial, mental health, and real estate experts seeking to elevate their support for clients going through divorce.

CDS designees possess a holistic understanding of the divorce process, accompanied by a unique skillset for effective communication, all of which are expertly applied when assisting you on your divorce journey. Equipped with this specialized training, CDS designees are exceptionally well-prepared with invaluable insights and necessary resources to navigate the intricacies of your divorce. They are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care and guidance during this crucial life transition, making them the ideal choice for your divorce needs.


Books by Gary Bergenske

Campaign for a Better Life 


Campaign to be a Better Leader


My Shriners Diary

My Shriners Diary, book by Gary Bergenske














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