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TEXAS: Hayes County, Travis County, Williamson County

Most people getting divorced are going through it for the first time. They don’t know what to expect, what questions to ask their professional team, and how to develop a plan or process for going through this journey. Instead, they rely heavily on their attorneys to help them through the emotional, legal, and financial aspects of their divorce.

One thing they don’t realize until well into the process is that their attorneys are there to give legal advice, not to offer sound financial advice or emotional support.

I created Your Divorce Made Simple more than seven years ago to give individuals and couples going through divorce the information they need to navigate this difficult journey. Drawing upon knowledge from my own three divorces as well as my skills as a Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®), Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) and Family Law Mediator, I am able to help clients gain the necessary education.

Through my work at Your Divorce Made Simple, I have created a unique new approach for helping people navigate this emotional and stressful time. It is called the Kitchen Table Divorce.

This process helps clients save money, save time, and creates an amicable environment that allows for win-win outcomes.

My team and I have worked with both individuals and couples to help them negotiate the division of assets, child considerations, as well as financial and tax planning needs both during and after the divorce. We educate our clients on the different options available, the likely outcomes, and the financial and tax ramifications of their decisions. This approach guides them through the divorce process with civility and saves them thousands of dollars through sound advice.

Because most people fight over money during divorce, getting advice from a financial professional who understands the nuances of divorce is essential to reaching a beneficial settlement that can work for both spouses. That’s something they will rarely get from working only with attorneys.

We have seen firsthand how the Kitchen Table Divorce process inspires our clients to move forward with confidence and make better financial decisions during one of the most stressful life transitions they’ll ever go through. After all, the decisions they make during divorce will affect them for the rest of their lives.

This process is viable whether you come to Your Divorce Made Simple as an individual or as a couple. It also has helped people who have already hired lawyers.

The Kitchen Table Divorce started when a local family law attorney decided that she didn’t want to handle divorce anymore because it was too stressful. She would send her clients to me to see if I could help them work out their differences. Once we got to an agreement I would send them back to her to file the paperwork with the court and write up the divorce decree.

When working with these clients, I realized that I could get the divorce finalized quicker this way than if they had both hired attorneys. I also realized that this approach saved my clients money both by getting financial advice and by not paying the hourly rate of the attorneys. I also discovered that if the couple would come to the table and negotiate, we could do this more amicably.

The process has evolved over the years as I learned the pitfalls that clients have experienced when going through divorce.

Sometimes I work with a couple and sometimes just one party. I also have worked with one or both parties even after they have hired attorneys. By doing so, we can come to an agreement much quicker than using two attorneys and entrusting the conversations to the attorneys as opposed to the conversations occurring between the couples themselves.

A survey of 401 people conducted by Wentworth Divorce Financial Advisors provided some surprising results that support my observations:

  • 76% of people going through divorce said they looked only to their lawyer for financial advice.
  • 77% wished they had worked with a financial specialist throughout their divorce.*

I also learned that divorce has three components:

  • Emotional
  • Legal
  • Financial

It is important that you have a guide to help you in these three areas. Most people are aware that they need legal advice. But emotional support is key as well. You can use a professional or a support group, but you need to take care of yourself during this time as it is deeply emotional and stressful. The one professional that people often overlook is their financial guide, yet money is the area that they fight about the most.

A lawyer is not a financial professional and in most cases doesn’t have the expertise in the financial and tax ramifications that could affect their clients. Yet most people tend to rely on their lawyer for both financial and tax advice. Sometimes they use them for emotional support as well. This is a very expensive use of their time.

I have created an ebook called the Top 27 Tips on Divorce. It is designed to help you understand some of the key elements you may face on your divorce journey. It outlines the top questions that I get asked during the divorce process. It is my intent to bring you some clarity and confidence as you navigate your divorce. If you would like a copy of this ebook please send me an email at


* Survey of 401 individuals conducted by Wentworth Divorce Financial Advisors through Survata, Inc. 

At Your Divorce Made Simple our goal is to help couples settle financial considerations and preserve as much of the shared assets as possible. Either through consultations or in- person mediation sessions, we help negotiate the separation of assets, and offer financial planning during and/or after divorce is final.

It’s a lot to consider and may seem difficult, and we are qualified to help you with all of the financial aspects of your divorce.


Amy's Certifications:
Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®) - Certification and Training on the legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce.
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) - Certification and Training on the financial aspects of divorce.
Family Law Mediator
National Social Security Advisor (NSSA®)

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