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Massachusetts: Middlesex County, Northfolk County

In 2011 I was engaged and excited to be married. During the next several months we struggled to plan a wedding and found ourselves arguing about small little things. My fiancé and I decided to call off the engagement and end our relationship. While we never officially got married, this felt very much like a divorce to me as we were living together, had to split possessions, friends and animals.

As a licensed Realtor for over 20 years, I have had many clients go through changes in their life and I’ve shared many a drink with friends and family members who are dealing with separation and divorce. While I never got to that point in my relationship, I wanted to see if there was a way I could take my own lessons and experiences and help others who were. I discovered the Certified Divorce Specialist designation and knew this was a path I wanted to follow.

In my career I have always followed the mantra what’s in the best interest of the client. As a Realtor, you would think this is obvious but sadly, many real estate professionals just want to have as many listings as they can get or work with a certain amount of buyers thus forgoing the most important elements of our business – establishing relationships with our clients, listening to our client’s needs and building trust.

I have never been a salesy guy and thus, I do not push my clients into things they are not comfortable with or looking for. I am honest, will be forthright and provide the best feedback and analysis that I can. I come from a place of truly wanting to help my clients and am empathic to their needs. These traits, along with keeping my mantra at the forefront of my business, is what I believe truly makes me stand out above the rest when looking for a real estate professional to help when going through such a challenging, emotional and difficult time in their lives.


About the Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS) Designation:

A CDS is an individual who has successfully completed the Certified Divorce Specialists (CDS) Training. This comprehensive program is designed for legal, financial, mental health, and real estate professionals seeking to enhance their ability to support divorcing clients. CDS designees possess a holistic understanding of the divorce process including a customized communications skillset with a focus on integrating those skills in a client-session environment. With this specialized training, CDS designees are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of divorce and are dedicated to providing their clients with the highest level of care and guidance during this crucial life transition.


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Adam Shamus, Realtor, CDS 0 reviews

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